House of Couture LTD

The Mission of the House of Couture Company is to represent the Beauty and creativity of our west coast style of Vancouver in the design, marketing and innovation to our concepts.

Couture Therapy Collection

The Couture Therapy Collection embodies an effortless and elegant lifestyle in its designs, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit. Founded on an intuitive understanding of a woman’s needs and desires, that takes women from day to evening.

Eco Criteria

Couture Therapy is a brand that is making it a point to minimize harm on the environment, using natural materials such as silk, wool, leather, organic cotton and bamboo. We use the up cycling method, using other designer’s unused fabric from past seasons and reworking and recycling old garments into new fashion forward pieces. In addition, our line each season is limited to small orders and because the clothing is manufactured locally, it isn’t being transported from overseas; thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and the creation of environmental pollutions.