Sarah Couture was raised in the small town of Merritt BC. She first fell in love with designing at a young age. It was in high school where she had the ability to make her first garment and has been addicted ever since.

Sarah Graduated from the Blanche Macdonald Centre school of design in 2002. It was right after graduation she accepted a job with a local design firm where she learned all the aspects of the fashion industry.

After a break from the fashion world to start a family, Sarah Co-founded house of Couture and has created a sophisticated, feminine, ready to wear collection named Couture Therapy.


Couture Therapy is a brand that is making a point to minimize harm on the environment, using more natural materials such as silk, wool, recycled leather, organic cotton and modal. The company uses the upcycling method, using other designer’s unused fabric from past seasons and reworking and recycling old garments into new fashion forward pieces. In addition our line is manufactured locally; it isn’t being transported from overseas; thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and creation of environmental pollutions. My young daughters also influence me to be more socially responsible as we leave our world to be inherited by them.

The Boutique

Because shopping is cheaper than a therapist.

The Boutique